Welcome to GoCD Python API client’s documentation!


This library is a high level python API wrapper upon ThoughtWorks GoCD REST API.

Here are some highlights:

  • it’s created and designed with simplicity in mind, so it would be easy to start using it.

  • there is only one class, that you would need to initialize and work with.

  • pipelines are linked together, so you can iterate over predecessors or descendants of a given pipeline.

  • it’s very close to the original REST API implementation from ThoughtWorks.

  • every class and function is annotated with @since decorator, which gives possibility to check at runtime whether specific feature is supported on given server version.

  • it’s possible to use latest library version with any GoCD server version, even if some parameters or headers are different: we have special methods to pass correct parameters depending on the server version.

  • every version of GoCD is meticulously tested, thanks to releases of it in Docker container. Here is a list of versions supported so far:

    • 16.x.x
    • 17.x.x

    Older version should work as well, but as they are not supported and there is no Docker images for them, you should use them on your own risk.

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